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Since 1945, Frazer & Jones Company has had many leaders that have formed our core values of excellence and superior quality, one of which was Malcolm Baldrige who served as Managing Director of Frazer & Jones from 1951 - 1959 and later became President of The Eastern Company in 1960.

The Eastern Co. continues improvements by investing in our people and equipment to continue the reputation of Frazer & Jones as a world class foundry. Over the years F & J has evolved from manual molding to state-of-the-art high speed DISAMATIC Molding Machines along with various other machinery investments to meet the continual needs of our customers.

This tradition of continuous improvement and exceeding customer expectations is the cornerstone of our current and future business plan.

The Eastern Company Corporate Profile

The Eastern Company manages industrial businesses that design, manufacture and sell unique engineered solutions to niche markets. We believe Eastern’s businesses operate in industries with long-term macroeconomic growth opportunities and face minimal threats of technological or competitive obsolescence. We look to acquire businesses that produce stable and growing earnings and cash flows. Eastern may pursue acquisitions in industries other than those in which its divisions currently operate if an acquisition presents an attractive opportunity.

Eastern focuses on proactive financial, operational, and strategic management of its businesses in order to increase cash generation, operating earnings and long-term shareholder value. Among other things, Eastern monitors financial and operational performance of each of its businesses and instills consistent financial discipline. Eastern’s management analyzes and pursues prudent organic growth strategies and works to execute attractive external growth and acquisition opportunities. In addition, Eastern recruits and retains talented managers to operate its businesses. We look for leaders who are accountable, maintain cost discipline, act quickly, and build strong followership.

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