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The Frazer & Jones Company is a high quality ductile and malleable iron foundry that has been in business for over 150 years in Syracuse, New York. Our foundry produces approximately 90 million castings per year. These high-quality castings range in weights from ounces to twenty-five pounds.

The Frazer & Jones Company is one of the largest Individual Ductile/Malleable foundries in the country. The present facility covers almost 210,000 square feet and currently employs approximately 150 people. The facility has complete raw material to final casting in-house manufacturing, heat-treating, finishing and quality control capabilities.

150 Employees
210K Sq. Ft. Facility
90M Castings Yearly

Not only does Frazer & Jones consistently manufacture cast iron components of the highest quality, but we also possess advanced technology in place to verify that quality. The foundry is completely computerized utilizing real time Graphical Statistical Control to monitor key variables and allow their monitor from any step in the process.

Producing Solutions

Frazer & Jones Company Manufactures its own mining anchor and accessory product line in addition to production of customer designed products both of which serve a broad section of the underground mining industry to also include extensive use within civil Construction applications.

We are a world leader in the production and supply of underground roof expansion anchors and components for the mining industry. In addition, we also supply the industrial markets including automotive, natural gas, electrical, utility, rail, construction, and tool industries.

We pride ourselves in our strong relationships with our customers and our ability to partner with them in the development, design, and manufacture of their specific product requirements.

We Want Your Business

We appreciate your interest in Frazer & Jones and invite you to contact us for your ductile and malleable iron casting needs.

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Mission Statement

By providing superior products and services of exceptional value, we partner with our customers to share a similar vision of success and assist them to gain a competitive advantage in their markets. We pledge to establish long lasting relationships through integrity, diversity, efficiency, innovation, and customer service. Our overall goal is to continue to be a leader in the foundry industry for the benefit of our customers and shareholders.

Raw Castings to Finished Products

Frazer & jones is a world leader in the development, design, and manufacture of high-quality products from raw castings to finished products. We are committed to partnering with our customers and outside secondary sources to provide superior products to meet and exceed their requirements.

Frazer & Jones

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