Industries Served

Oil & Gas

Iron sand castings used in the oil and gas industry require the highest degree of quality, durability, and corrosion resistance. Frazer & Jones produces malleable and ductile castings used in applications such as valve bodies, valve couplings, nuts, housings, control bodies and process control instruments for Municipal / Residential oil and gas.


Frazer & Jones is dedicated to the manufacturer of iron castings for the waterworks and water treatment industry to meet the ever-growing demand for potable water throughout the world. We cast parts that such as valves, couplings, meter boxes, frame bodies, covers and lids. To meet the customer’s specifications, parts can be subject to chemical and pressure testing, verification of tensile and yield strength as well as BHN hardness and elongation.

Elevator & Escalator

We are a proud business partner for all cast iron elevator and escalator parts for moving walkway components and elevation. Safety is their number 1 priority and Frazer & Jones provides high quality, high integrity castings to support our customers safety and quality demands.

Agricultural Machinery

Here at Frazer & Jones we produce ductile iron castings to the Agricultural Machinery industry. The parts are cast and then can be machined, coated, painted and heat treated to meet our customer’s requirements. They provide strength and weight for applications to harvester’s plows, planters, bailers, tractors and all types of farm machinery.


Frazer & Jones has and will continue to be a proud supplier to the Automotive industry. We can offer any automotive grade of Ductile or Malleable Iron. Frazer & Jones has produced or currently producing Ford Damper Brackets, Honda Mass Dampers, Mack / Volvo EGR Manifolds, Ford Malleable Iron Steering Yokes and Volvo Shift Forks.


• Since 1952
• Mine Roof Support Anchors & Accessories
• Malleable and Ductile Iron
• High-quality roof control and safety products
• Mining anchor and accessories
• Customer designed products
• Underground mining
• Civil Construction

Power Generation

Frazer & Jones is a cast iron manufacturer of high-quality products for a broad range of non-residential and residential distribution, substation, transmission and communication utility applications. These parts range from Arrestors, Bushings, Nuts, Drain Systems, Fasteners and Connectors to help keep the power grid running.

Industrial Pumps

Frazer & Jones provides iron sand castings that are utilized in a number of pumps which are commonly used in wet commercial pumping applications. Air diaphragm pumps run on compressed air and move slurries, solvents, and other high-viscosity liquids. Electric diaphragm pumps run agricultural sprayers. Industrial and agricultural sprayer pumps apply insecticides and herbicides.

Crane & Hoist

Frazer & Jones recognizes the need for cast iron in the hoist and crane industry. We provide raw iron castings included in lifting solutions for many industrial applications. Our top-quality castings are used in housings, chain guides, gears and covers for durability and strength.


Our team at Frazer & Jones supplies cast iron to the Rail industry throughout North America. The Company supplies track infrastructure products such as track plates and iron inserts for Heavy/Lite Rail, Underground rail and rail systems for Mining and Construction.

Heavy Truck

Frazer & Jones has and will continue to be a supplier to the Heavy Truck Industry. We can offer any automotive grade of Ductile or Malleable Iron. Frazer & Jones is well placed to cast iron water inlets / outlets, water pump housings universal joints, tow hooks and suspension support brackets.


Cast iron consistently resists corrosion, making it ideal for interlock castings in the concrete construction field. These castings help ensure structural integrity and provides a load path for continuity throughout a concrete structure. Perhaps its most alluring feature in the construction industry is that cast iron is cheaper than steel allowing for budgets to go further during construction and architectural projects.

Raw Castings to Finished Products

Frazer & jones is a world leader in the development, design, and manufacture of high-quality products from raw castings to finished products. We are committed to partnering with our customers and outside secondary sources to provide superior products to meet and exceed their requirements.

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