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Automotive supply chains are becoming more and more complex and increasing the pressure to make their parts available on demand and deliver them to automotive makers on time.

At Frazer & Jones, our 150 years of extensive experience in the foundry industry is attuned to the challenges of automotive suppliers, we are poised to maximize efficiency, reduced lead times on raw castings and increase delivery quality.

Our team at Frazer & Jones relies on precise timing, tight efficiencies, and agility to ensure that all the moving parts of our production facility aligns with our customers manufacturing goals.

Frazer & Jones has and will continue to be a proud supplier to the Automotive industry. We can offer any automotive grade of Ductile or Malleable Iron.

Frazer & Jones has produced or currently producing Ford Damper Brackets, Honda Mass Dampers, Mack / Volvo EGR Manifolds, Ford Malleable Iron Steering Yokes and Volvo Shift Forks. We can also produce Shift Forks, Halter Brackets, Stator Shafts, Assorted Hubs, Valve Housing Bodies, Bearing Cap Retainers, Clevis’, Clutch Housings, Spring Hangers and Engine Brackets.

Raw Castings to Finished Products

Frazer & jones is a world leader in the development, design, and manufacture of high-quality products from raw castings to finished products. We are committed to partnering with our customers and outside secondary sources to provide superior products to meet and exceed their requirements.

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